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About Us

Compose Communications was born out of a desire to fill a need for businesses seeking effective and tailored communication solutions. We deliver quality content to businesses requiring per-project writing solutions that are delivered on time, within budget, and without the ties of a traditional agency.

Our personalized approach ensures that your voice shines through and we deliver tailored content that captivates, connects, and drives action.

With our strategic process, attention to detail, and a commitment to delivering exceptional results, Compose Communications offers a collaborative partnership that puts your unique needs at the forefront. We’re here as your trusted partner, providing high-quality writing services that directly align with your business goals.

Experience the difference of working directly with a passionate and experienced content strategist.

About Me

Compose Communications Wendy Christiansenn

Hello, I'm Wendy Christiansen, the founder and senior content strategist behind Compose Communications.

As a corporate communications coordinator, I honed my writing skills to deliver precise and engaging content, and I have developed a keen ability to convey complex ideas clearly and compellingly. My extensive agency experience has given me the opportunity to work across various industries and  develop a versatile approach to messaging.

I bring a strong foundation in storytelling, research, and writing to every project. I am also a lifelong resident of North Dakota, where the value of honesty, hard work, and genuine relationships runs deep.

Compose Communications is excited to embark on this journey with you and help your brand find its voice in a crowded digital landscape. Let's collaborate and bring your unique story to life through the power of words.

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